NetNavi BBS


The year 20XX, in the peaceful-yet-bustling metropolis of TCP City— people go about their everyday activities as children go to school, adults go to their workplaces, et cetera et cetera. But that's only for those not priveliged enough to be certified virus busters, and fortunately in this city that's extremely few. Well, maybe not fortunate for THEM, anyway.

The internet has become an extremely unsafe space, especially locally where hordes of viruses are known to lurk in everything that has a jack-in port. Multiple organizations and small companies were formed to try to lessen the viral infection, calling virus busters from all around the world, even going so far as to recruit children as long as they're capable of handling a NetNavi. Try as they might, though, they all fell short on their own, leading only those who genuinely wanted to rid the net of the viruses to form their one sanctuary, free of infection: The NetNavi BBS.

Novice virus busters often found themselves having their Navis deleted even trying to reach this rumored holy land, making it a hub where a few elitists may linger, but ultimately everybody there has the same goal. Your mission as a virus buster with your very own NetNavi, should you choose to accept it, is to do your part in communicating with other virus busters - young and old, novice and expert - to find the source of this infection and eliminate it, making the net a safe place again. Not everybody may be trustworthy— for all the city knows, the BBS itself may be infected. But that'd just mean more zenny for the work, wouldn't it?


RAW, of course, because we just wrote them.
This campaign will likely not be a lengthy one, and will follow the adventures of a few Operators and their NetNavis, probably with a good deal of investigation and NetBattling alike. The purpose is mostly to test the system, but having fun is much more important to begin with. Just keep in mind silly internet terminology references are encouraged, and it's not Japan. Please don't write up a Japanese character wielding a katana with a Navi named KatanaMan who also wields a katana, that's all I ask.

Chips are restricted only by RAM requirements, though expect to be told "fuck you" if you stack RAM and make a folder full of HeroSwords. God damn.


Douglas Damien Wert and Guardian.EXE
Mach Roulette and Clipman.EXE
Ophelie and Metasaucer.EXE