Sinjoh Homebrew

(This homebrew is brought to you by Xom.)

These are the IQ Skills that Enlightened Pokemon can learn. An Enlightened Pokemon gets the chance to gain a new IQ Skill every four levels, starting at Level 4. You must meet the prerequisites of the IQ Skill to acquire it.

(Modified some skills due to sounding like gibberish ~Xom)

IQ Skill Name Requirement Usage Limit Details
Acute Sniffer 15 Sp. Att Static Gain the Tracker Capability
Absolute Mover 30 Def and Spe, Aura Static Can cross water, lava and valleys. Non-Fire Pokemon recieves 2d20 and Burn upon Lava contact and subsequent turns in Lava. Non-Water Pokemon recieves Underwater 2, and holds twice their HP stat before having to go up for air. Pokemon with open flames on their body, or entrances to open fires inside would suffer 2d20 SE damage upon entrance of the water and every turn in the water due to extinguishment. Do not apply Defence or Special Defence.
Aggressor 35 Sp. Att or Att Battle Raises both Attack stats by 5 each, but decreases both Defense stats by 5 each.
Bodyguard 15 DEF At Will If an adjacent ally is going to take damage, you may take ally's incoming damage as your own.
Brick-Tough 20 HP or 20DEF Static Calculate HP as 4*HP+Level instead.
Cheerleader 10 Sp. Def Battle Raises the Attack and Sp. Attack of nearby allies by 1 CS. Effect ends with combat.
Collector Has handled 10 treasures, for reselling or use Static Raises chances for rare items in Treasure Chests.
Course Checker 15 Sp. Att At Will Can target specific areas at -2 ACC cost.
Coin Watcher Has collected more than 6500 Poke Static When picking up Poké, the Pokémon pulls in 1.2 times the value of the coin.
Counter Basher 20 Atk Battle Lowers Defense by 10 for the purpose of damage reduction, and sends the damage taken back to the foe if the foe is adjacent after a successful DC 15 check.
Concentrator 10 DEF Static Raises Accuracy by 1, but decreases Evasion by 1.
Clutch Performer 25 Spe Static Raises all Evasion stats by 5 when HP is below 25%. Bonus is lost when the benefitor gets his HP back above 25%
Counter Hitter 15 ATK At Will On a successful Regular Attack roll when a foe damages you, counter 1/4 of the damage received back to the adjacent opponent.
Critical Dodger 25 Spe Static Half opponent's Critical Range. Minimum of 20.
Dedicated Traveler 15 Spd At Will Increase Movement by 5, reduce damage dealt by 50%
Dungeon Inspector Has traversed 5 dungeons Static Know floor layout, not details.
Deep Breather Has 5 Battle or more moves 1/day per ten levels On a roll of 12 on a d20, Treat the next attack with a Battle or Center move as At Will.
Escapist Rescue Team base Daily Can exhaust the Explorer Badge's energy to Teleport out of the dungeon, with a maximum of 9 other Pokemon following the user.
Erratic Player 35 Sp. Atk or Atk Static Raises SE to x2.5 and x5, respectively and NVE to x1/4 and 1/8, respectively.
Exclusive Move-User 20 Att Static Use an extra 2d10 on move damage, reduce regular attack damage to 1d6+ATT
Defender 20 Def Battle Raises Defense and Sp. Defense by 5 for the purpose of damage reduction, but lowers Attack and Sp. Attack by 5.
Extra Striker 25 Spe or 25 Sp. Atk or 25 Atk At Will On a roll of 15-20, do a Regular Attack roll immediately after using a move.
Exp. Elite Has helped someone to level 40 Static Earns 150% of the original experience when defeating foes.
Haggler 20 Sp. Def Static Adds 2 more positive modifier to your haggling rolls.
Hit-and-Runner 25 Spe At Will When a Counter or Mirror Coat is unleashed onto the benefitor, roll a Regular Attack roll. If it hits, halve the incoming damage of the Counter/Mirror Coat, if it damages at all.
Item Catcher 15 Sp. Att. At Will, must not be holding anything Can catch a thrown Item and keep it for its own.
Intimidator 35 Sp. Def Static A roll of 17-20 from adjacent attacking foe causes it to be flinched the next round.
Multitalent Level 40 Static Lowers a single move with one usage rate.
Non-traitor 10 Sp. Att Static Does not harm friends, even when confused or in cowering status, though it can potentially target them.
Nonsleeper 15 Sp. Def Static Sleep inducing effects has to roll 4 higher to hit the benefitor.
No-Charger Has three or more Charge moves Battle Unleashes charged attacks in one turn, whilst making it Center.
Nature Gifter 15 Sp. Atk Static Extends the effects of seeds and berries applied to the allies or yourself for 2d4 more rounds or 1 hour out of combat.
Power Pitcher 10 Att Static Throwing items deal 1d10 more damage.
Practice Swinger 20 Att Static Raises Attack and Special Attack by 1 CS for one round after a missed attack.
PP Saver 20 Sp. Atk or Atk Static On a roll of 17-20, Treat EoT and up as At Will next turn, unless Recharge.
Pierce Hurler 20 ATK Static Thrown piercing weapons do 2d6 more damage, Passes through one target to damage a target behind it, without the extra 2d6.
Quick Dodger 30 Spe Static Gain 2 Evasion to either Melee, Special or Status Evasion. This can be taken multiple times, though it applies to a different Evasion modifier each time you take this. They cannot stack on the same Evasion modifier.
Quick Striker 20 Spe At Will Can do two regular attacks in one turn in a row.
Quick Healer 10 HP or Def Static Increases recovery from rest to 75%.
Sure-Hit Attacker 25 Atk Static Regular attacks get a +4 ACC bonus.
Status Checker 10 DEF Once per opponent Discern enemy conditions, like healthiness, strength, etc.
Survivalist 15 DEF Static Can create safe meals out of otherwise toxic Pokemon corpses. Sometimes avoids getting status changes when eating Poisoned food.
Swimmer 15 DEF Static Pokemon now has Surface 4, Underwater 2. If the pokemon already has these two movement Capabilities, add 2 to each. See Absolute Mover for Fire Types and water.
Self-Curer 10 Sp. Atk Static Decreases the DC for Pokémon to heal themselves from status by 4.
Sharp Shooter 25 Sp. Atk or Atk Static Raises critical-hit ratio by 1.
Type-Advantage Master 10 Sp. Atk or Atk Static Raises the critical-hit rate of type-effective moves by 1.
Time Tripper Aura, 30 Speed Battle Raises initial combat Speed by 2 CS. The bonus is lost after combat is resolved.
Trap Buster 20 DEF 3/day If benefitor triggered the trap, a roll of 15-20 disables the trap.
Weak-Type picker 10 Sp. Atk or Atk Static Inflict another STAB worth of damage when a SE move is used.
Wise Healer 10 Sp. Att Static Raises the effectiveness of HP-recovery items and moves by 2d10, even if applying healing to other people.
Wary Fighter 15 Sp. Atk or Atk Static Benefitor moves out of melee range when it misses a Melee move.